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Finding the right StoryBrand help is overwhelming.

You might love StoryBrand but bringing it to life for your business or organization probably makes you feel in-over-your-head. If you’re like most leaders, it didn’t take long before you started looking for a StoryBrand Guide to help. But, if one look at the StoryBrand Guide Directory (with more than 500 active Guides!) made you want to throw something across your office…you’re not alone!

The thought of getting qualified StoryBrand help should relieve your stress, not make it worse! There’s a better way to find a StoryBrand Guide. And, it starts with a Free 5-Minute StoryBrand Review.


Carter LeCraw

American Values

Your review was excellent! You have given me some actionable ideas to help now. One thing I especially liked is that you were willing to “criticize” which was courageous and helpful to me. I needed to hear those things!

A Free 5-minute StoryBrand Review saves us both time.

“Discovery calls” are great but not when you have 20 of them. At 30-60 minutes a pop, that could represent half of your work week (and mine)! That’s why I offer a Free 5-Minute StoryBrand Review. It’s a way for you to get to know me, get a feel for my style, and get actual instant value for whatever it is you’re working on.

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I was part of the first class to become StoryBrand certified, first as a copywriter and later as a Guide, which means I’ve clocked about 60 hours learning from Don Miller, in-person, and have helped dozens of companies clarify their message and bring it to life ever since. But, there are lots of other exceptional Guides in the community, too. And, I know them well. 

So, here’s my promise: If I’m not absolutely confident I can help you build the message your audience deserves to hear, I’ll tell you who I think will do it better. (Really.)

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Anna Matthews

Eat Better Dinners

I really valued the initial Free 5-Minute StoryBrand Review as it gave me an indication of the type of feedback Angie would provide – content is so subjective. It gave me enough to want to move forward!

So, StoryBrand-loving friend, stop wading in a sea of StoryBrand Guides.

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